3 Questions You May Have When Investigating Solar Panels

If you have recently been considering solar panel installation for your home, you are not alone. Solar panels are becoming more popular today than ever, and this is primarily because they are now more affordable than they used to be. If installing solar panels is something you would possibly like to do, you may have the following three questions. How Affordable Are They? Years ago, purchasing solar panels for your home was not very affordable at all, and this is one of the primary reasons many homeowners chose not to get them. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Keeping Your Food Establishment In Compliance With Grease Trap Regulations

When you run any type of business that serves food, whether it is a full-scale restaurant or a tiny cafĂ© that is only open a few hours a day, you are subject to local regulations for handling food waste, including grease. If you are in the planning stages of opening your business, make sure that you understand how to keep your grease traps clean to avoid malfunctions and spills into the local sewer system: problems that will lead to costly repairs and municipal fines. Read More 

How Often Should You Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned?

One of the most important parts of taking care of your septic tank is making sure it's emptied within a suitable span of time. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't think about cleaning their septic tank until problems happen. The following explains how often septic tanks should be emptied out, along with the factors that can affect pumping frequency. Why Regular Pumping is Necessary Every time you flush a toilet, take a shower or use your kitchen sink, you're sending solids and wastewater into the septic tank. Read More 

Converting Your Garage Into A Sensory Room For Your Autistic Child

Many kids on the autism spectrum experience sensory-seeking behaviors. Whether it's an irresistible urge for movement, contact or physical manipulation of something, the sensory input from those actions can be soothing and may help ease anxieties. To help reduce the risk of impulsive behaviors, why not turn that cluttered, unused garage space into a sensory-stimulating safe zone for your child? Here's a look at some of the things you should consider to tackle this project with confidence. Read More 

Opening A Garage? Everything You Need To Know About Used Oil Disposal

Are you about to open a small-scale auto repair shop? If so, you'll likely perform a lot of oil changes and have a lot of used oil that you'll need to find a way to properly dispose of. Used oil can contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that could negatively impact the environment, so although there are only three states that technically classify it as hazardous waste, it's best if you treat it as such when disposing of it. Read More